Saturday, March 2, 2013

Staying happy ~

Hi everyone! ^.^

Today I'm in a quite good mood, even though I have to do school work during the weekend, and the fact that it's a blizzard outside. (Norway <3)
Today I've ordered my favorite band NU'EST's new album "Hello" (special edition), and I'm also about to order some spring fashion from Milanoo. I've learned that when the present is unpleasant, you can always look ahead to a better future, or simply escape reality for a while.
At least that's what I do, although I'm teaching myself to face challenges head-on instead of pretending they don't exist. That's why I've forced myself to be above average interested in Henrik Ibsen and Norway in the 1800's, as well as Scientology. I have to present both on Monday.

Luckily I'm a rather easy going person, so I always convince myself that "it will work out somehow".
They're oral presentations too, so I can do what I do best: talk my way out of it.

Anyway, as I mentioned NU'EST are out with a new mini-album, and B.A.P are too. It's funny how my two favorite bands always are releasing new stuff at the same time, so I suddenly have a bunch of new songs to listen to. Just one new song from one of them is enough to make my day, and today I downloaded seven! That may explain my bright mood. I'm also looking forward to spending this evening with our theater group, as I really need a break from Mr. Ibsen.
We're not having a practice, we're just gonna make taco and and have a good time ^^

I haven't decided what to order from Milanoo yet, but I'll post it on the blog later. Maybe I can convince my mother to some shoes as well? All my shoes from last summer are worn out >.<

So, now I'll go order, but before I leave I have to (of course) post some new music:

NU'EST - Hello Hello

B.A.P - Zero

NU'EST - A Little Bit More

B.A.P - Punch

Well, talk to you later! ^.^

Hopefully I'll soon own some items from my shopping list :)

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