Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gyaru spring fashion ^.^

Good morning lovely people~ ^.^

Like Silje said I was supposed to keep the blog going while she was away, but my life is getting a little chaotic right now.. But I'll try and keep up. I'm also starting to run out of things to write about, so if you have any ideas please let me know. ^^

Even though we're in the spring month now it's still fully winter outside, and I'm just dreaming about the spring time. So I've thought about making a post on the gyaru spring fashion I like. I know Silje already made a post on the Tokyo Girls Collection that was held earlier in March, but I wanted to make one as well. I'll try to not use the same pictures as her^^

This collection is my favorite out of all the fashion shows around the world! They have so much cute and wearable items and like Silje said, they show things that are in now, and not what they think is gonna be in. Fashion points to notice for the spring are; Flower patterns, Wedges, Pastel Colors, Denims, Skinny Pants, Vertical Black and White Stripes, High-Waisted Shorts & Denims. These are some examples of what I'll at least try to add into my spring wardrobe.

Here are some of my favorites from the different brands.

Lis Liza
Lots of flowers~

I love the back on this dress <3
Lip Service

Roen for Dazzy


Bonica Dot

These are some of the outfits that I really liked, and also I chose those that Silje had not already uploaded. (all of the photos are borrowed from Tokyo Fashion)
^^ This really makes me wish for spring~

Bye Bye~

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