Friday, March 22, 2013

Sweden ~

Hi everyone! :D

Today it's Gulli's birthday, and right now she's out enjoying her first legal drink ^^
I am, on the other hand, stuck in Ă˜stersund in Sweden on a class trip. I've actually never been to Sweden before, and that's a bit embarrassing for a Norwegian. Well, it's okay, cause' I've always had a more exotic alternative. Like; "Silje, do you want to go to Sweden or Italy this summer?" Obviously I choose Italy, right?
Now that I am in Sweden, it really is no difference between Norway and here. Except everything is cheaper! I feel so sorry for all the poor Swedish people that go to Norway, and have to spend all their vacation money on a single bottle of cola :(
To all our Swedish readers: I understand your pain.

It's really fun here though! We're at some sort of activity camp, and we have a bunch of mazes and tasks to solve, and activities to do ^^
Today we tried laser shooting, and I really surprised myself with the shooting skills I didn't knew I had. I really got into the game, I bet some people wouldn't even recognize me! I got so enthusiastic, I think I even at some point shouted: "Die bitches!!" Sorry for that. But it was fun :3

I decided to add a random picture of a Swedish house in winter. We are in more urban areas now, but the weather is about the same. Just like Norway, really.

When we go home on Monday (8 hours with bus, yaay) it's finally easter vacation for me! ^.^
I really, really look forward to getting some time for myself to sleep and recharge. Yeah, I know I say that all the time, but I'm a girl who's completely addicted to quality time with myself.

This was a rather short post, and it's probably full of nonsense. I got pretty distracted when I wrote this, so I'm not even sure what this post is about. Hope you enjoyed it, though!

Talk to you later, have a nice holiday! :D

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