Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stupid dust! ~

Good morning snowflakes~

At the moment I'm sneezing like crazy because I spent all of yesterday cleaning and dusting... stupid dust>< It is still winter here, and currently snowing big, crazy snowflakes outside. Not that keen on going out, but I will have to man up and get out. I need to get party decorations and food and stuff for my birthday celebration.~ I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends again. :D

Being all red and pink while cleaning. ~
Yesterday I also went to the hairdresser to get my hair colored and trimmed a little. It was not much of a change in my color, only thing was that it's not got the red color anymore... It's now brown. Kinda miss it already. >.<

Waiting for the color to set. LOVE my new hello kitty case~ ^.^ So cute 

You can't really see much of a different... -.-
This was a rather short post, but I'll try and write more when I get back home ^^
Bye Bye~

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