Saturday, March 23, 2013

18 years!! ^w^

Good morning!

I am 18!!! I'm an adult now, and it feels great! ^^ Like you might have noticed yesterday was my birthday, and I celebrated it by going to the liquor store and also later on the day I got to buy my very first drink! It was a small celebrating because we're gonna have a bigger celebration later when more of my friends are at home.

My day started with cake on the bed in the morning, along with a soda mix my mom made~ ^^ best type of breakfast.

Some sort of red Fanta decorated with lime ;3
At school we made club sandwich and carrot cake^^
Got to eat club sandwich at school~
 Did my first shopping at the liquor store and at the food store for alcohol^^ got a Kahlua and a mojito
Did my first shopping of alcohol ^.^ felt super grown up :D

My first drink~

yummy <3

I got some awesome presents! Some of my friends chipped in for some shoes I really wanted, and they totally surprised me. And from my friend in England I got a Totoro hoodie, which is sooo cute. ^^

my shoes! <3 If you follow me on instagram you might have already seen them~ 

Totoro hoodie~ <3

Today I'm gonna eat dinner with my mom at a hotel restaurant, so i guess I gotta jump in the shower soon.~
Will blog more later.
Bye Bye~


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