Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home sweet home~

Hello there boys and girls! ^.^

I have been very absent from the blog these past day, because I have been preparing for and then traveled to  Bodø for a junior achievement conference and contest. Our achievement is called Sugar and Spice, and our product is pickled carrots. I have mentioned it before, and can you guess what we got!? We won two first places ! and we're going to NM in Oslo. We won the gastronomy price and the best occupation factory price. It was really awesome, and we didn't expect the last one at all. I was actually planning to blog from our hotel, but since I were supposed to stand at our stand I didn't have the time or energy to blog. Didn't even take out my computer when I was there. >o< So that is my reason for not blogging. :p

I'm gonna tell you about our trip, and show you some of the few pictures I took.
We flew up to Bodø and had to wait for ever for our rooms to get ready.. They had some problems with delivery and communication errors, so it took like 3-4 hours for them to get our rooms ready. This caused us to get little time to prepare for the dinner with all of the contestants. Luckily we finished in time. It was a lot of teenagers there, and I even managed to bump into a friend there. It's a small world. The dinner was really funny because the host was Stian Blipp, the host at the show Idol in Norway. He's really funny, and an awesome beat-boxer. The really sad thing about the night was that when they said the names of the schools that were participating, they forgot us... And even later when they mentioned some other schools they had forgotten, they didn't mention us. We just sat there and were completely forgotten...

Me and Anja ready for dinner~

This is the only picture I have where you can see my whole outfit...Forgot to get someone to take a picture. 

Dinner: Turkey with a mushroom kinda sauce, and some really good potatoes. 

Dessert: Panna cotta with berries on top. It was good, even though it had parted a little.

After we finished the dinner and the first price ceremony, where we didn't win a single thing (was like we didn't exist there >.<) we went back to our hotels and I had to prepare a little for the next day together with the other two that was also gonna be at the stand. Then I could finally go to bed and sleep, but not too much because some really annoying construction workers that had an excavator and it sounded like they were just dragging the head across the street over and over... This went on from like 4 in the morning until around 7 when I had to stand up... After breakfast I had some time to get ready and then head over to where the stands were.

Our pretty stand! Carrots, carrots everywhere~ 

The stands were in a little shopping mall right next to our hotel and it was freezing cold there! We had matching orange t-shirts, but I didn't take of my jacket until around the time when the judges were walking around. Our stand was actually very popular. People thought it tasted really good and we sold almost everything we had brought with us. A lot of people thought we had fish because the product can look a little like salmon, but they got positively surprised when they found out it was carrots. Some people even bought it without tasting because they had heard it was really good. After standing at our stand for like 4 hours it was time for the award ceremony for that day. And we won the two categories! ^w^ And found out were going to NM to compete in the gastronomy part.

Our whole class after we won the gastronomy price! ~ (borrowed the picture from ungt entrepenørskaps facebook page)
Anja with on of our prices~ ^^

Audun with the other one~ ^^

During our last day we found out that they were on strike action at the airport here home, so we had to take buss and boat from Sandnessjøen. And our flight was like around an hour delayed. Didn't get home until around 11 I think. And then we were totally beat. It was so good to sleep in my own bed tonight, and a total nightmare having to stand up and go to school... -.-

Me so not wanting to go to school ><

Now I'm off to the city~ Had enough time to do my makeup when I got home from school :p

Now I'm about to get ready to go to the town to get some ingredients for dinner and maybe I'll make me a cake~ Let me know what you think of this type of post and if there is anything you want us to write about, don't be shy to comment. ^.^
Bye Bye~

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