Sunday, March 10, 2013

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Hi cuties! It's been a few days ^^

Right now I'm about to jump in the shower after a big dinner. I was only cooking for myself, so the portion became a little too big. I'm happy though, as it's my first time making chicken with curry paste and coconut milk, and it went pretty well! My mother and stepfather doesn't like spicy food as much as I do, but now that I was alone I could chop up as much chili as I wanted.

This weekend I spent mostly at an informal seminar at my friend Tonje's house. (Or rather, we slept in the garage). We are both a part of the same organization; Operation Dayswork, and this was a little gathering for old members and new members to learn from each other and have fun.
There are different committees for each part of Norway, that's responsible for arranging the operation in their region, and it's important for the new members to learn how to do the different tasks.
We weren't so stiff on it though, most of the time we chatted, braided each others hair and ate tacos. This is a small place and most of us knew each other on forehand. I would picture these seminars to be a lot different in the cities where you've never heard of the new members before. Maybe the city-committees talk more about Operation Dayswork and less about Vampire Diary's and hair styles?

Tomorrow I have to travel to another town to check my braces. I'm so tired of it now, and it's even more annoying when you have to take bus and ferry for three-four hours once a month to check it. Why?
Because there are no dentists in this town that are qualified to work with braces .__.
The good side is that I'll be taking it off quite soon, and it will be such a relief! No just because of the travelling, but also because I can finally smile properly on pictures. You may have noticed that I never show my teeth on pictures. It's not because I'm in a bad mood, in real life I walk around smiling like an idiot all the time. I just don't feel pretty at all with my braces on, and I'll be so happy when I can smile with my teeth instead of metal >.<  No one wants to look like Jaws in the James Bond-movies, right?

All the stuff I ordered will arrive soon, so I walk around constantly with a little excitement. Of course money can't buy happiness, but if you invest it well it can give you a great mood-booster.
Next weekend I'm going to Oslo (Norway's capital for those of you who didn't know) with the rest of the OD-committee on the national spring-seminar, and it will be so much fun!
Operation Dayswork is super social, and there are so many people from other parts of the country you look forward to meet when you're going to national gatherings! ^^

As you might understand a lot of good thing are about to happen, and I walk around with a silly smile, singing all day. Earlier I compared myself to grumpy cat, now I'm more like this little hedgehog:

And talking about the header, if anyone out there are good at editing pictures, web design and such, feel free to help us! We're not that good you see, in fact, I'd say we suck to a certain degree.
So, all pros out there, we need ya :3

That was all for this time, pictures from our little gathering will be up shortly! ^.^

Have a nice week, everyone ~

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