Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pre-spring shopping

Good evening, everyone!

I'm about to go to bed and I thought I'd just post some pictures of what I ordered from yesterday ^^

Super super cute sweater with bows <3

Classic A-line skirt 

I didn't win it in the competition they had... but I'll have it anyway. After all, I live in the perfect country to walk around and look like a polar bear.

Light, white skirt that's perfect for bright colors in spring/summer!

And finally I'm about to enter the world of wig fashion. Besides, I need it for my Luka Megurine-cosplay in June.
Quick update from me^^

I'm not quite done yet, though. I still need to get some shoes for spring. I'll post them here once they are ordered :)

Sweet dreams <3 (of spring)


  1. OMG! COSPLAY! skal du på den i Oslo? eg og vil gå. men eg har berre Totoro-plushie.... :(

  2. Skaff de et kostyme da! De hadd vært sykt kult hvis du kun kom <3 Ellers får e jo ikke møtt de før e fær tel Tokyo :(


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