Monday, April 1, 2013

The hard life in snow and ice

Hi sweeties! ^.^

Enjoying your Easter vacation? I don't have anything particular to write about, but I figured it would be too bad to leave the blog alone, so I'll just type away and see what comes out.

First of all I feel like this day have been really short. This could be because Norway, like many other countries, set their clock back to summer time last night. Suddenly an hour had literally vanished in thin air!
It could also be because I had so much fun today. Gulli and I witnessed our dear friend Audun taking a freezing dip in the ocean, like a true viking! And like a true friend, I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe when I saw his expression. Most of the water was still frozen, and there he was shaking in a pair of swimming shorts and crocs. Back on shore, Gulli and I was dressed up like Eskimos...

It's been heavily snowing the last days. The snow has gathered up along the roads in meter-high piles. Everyone is cursing the weather, and the complaints are frequent on facebook. I'm also looking forward to spring, and I think snow the day before April is a bit late, but I've tried not to think about it.
After all, it's nothing to do about it, right? So why waste energy on negative thoughts?

Note: If the mentioned snow doesn't disappear during the following month, I will take back the opinions written above, and dedicate an entire blog post cursing the weather gods.
But so far, so good ^^

And here's a lovely picture of Gulli and I watching Audun ice bathing. 
And here we have a nice caption of Audun when he realized the temperature of the water.
If the weather continues this way, I think I'll have a polar bear edition of tomorrow, and then a reindeer edition and a seal edition. I could also introduce you to a new species, also known as "Northern Norwegian teen forced to walk outside by its parents".

Now your daily weather forecast from Brønnøysund has come to an end.

Return for more exciting documentary on the life in snow and ice later! Hope to see you again!

- Silje Nikolina, your trusted wildlife reporter.

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