Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Theater punks ;>

Hi loved ones!

Feels like it's been ages since last time I blogged. On the bright side, I'm very motivated!
I've been re-sizing and editing more pictures for the little "photoshoot" we had last weekend. The sun has finally made its arrival in the cold north (yay, sun!), so we had the perfect nautral lightning. Our theater locale also turns out to be a great photo set. It's over 100 years old, so it has such a nice, authentic feel to it.
Did you know that our theater is hunted too? It's true! We have both heard and experienced so many weird, unexplained things. I'll tell you more about that later .

Here's the pictures:

These pictures got rather unclear, sorry ~

Dancing skeleton print ^^

For this look I tried to keep the make up a little doll-like, to make a contrast. On the lower picture I'm wearing my costume (supposed to be 1920's). Maybe we should post pictures of them too?

I'm so glad the theater locale worked this good. I'm already having ideas for a bunch of other themed photo sets! That's how it works here you see; I'm getting all the crazy ideas, and Gulli ends up fixing everything... Sorry dear! :( 

Goodbye from us! ~

PS. I would like to give a big, whole-hearted thanks to our great "personal photographer" Simon! Audun helped out too ^^


  1. AWW i miss u guys soo much!! coming backin agust!!

  2. Nice pictures :))


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