Monday, April 29, 2013

Home again~ ^.^

Yo everyone! 

How are you today? I just got home from Oslo and am about to go to bed, but I'll blog some first. Silje is busy preparing for a math test and is not able to blog. Wish her luck tomorrow ~ 
I am exhausted after our trip and I got so many awesome stuff! I'l show you guys next time since I don't have any photos of it here now... Got lots of Asian food and stuff, and of course clothes. ^^ 
We had lots of fun, and my feet  are aching after all the walking around Oslo. 

Me and Anja posing in our russe clothes~

Tomorrow I'm gonna wear my Russe-clothes and we're gonna get our names written at the brim of our hats. And then we can start our Russetid! :D

Now I gotta go to bed so we'll talk soon. 
Bye Bye~

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