Monday, April 1, 2013

Just a normal day ^.^ +makeup, hair and outfits

Hey there! 

How are all of you doing? It's been snowing like crazy here the past days, and we're almost snowed inn... There are huge heaps of snow made by the snow plow and that's just screaming for me to go and make snow caves.>< My inner child wants to go out and play. Anyway, in all this snow we must not forget to look fabulous. So I put on my birthday shoes and a skirt, went down to the town and met with Silje and some friends. Drinking coffee like we usually do. ~ ^.^

Simon is really starting to like being behind the camera taking funny pictures. ^o^

Hmm, possible new profile picture? ^.^

Is he kawaii desu?....

Am I kawaii desu?

Simon uses cute face ><

....very effective
These are just some of the pictures we took... but I'm not sure which they want to be published so I'll go with these so far. ~
Let's go over to some more pictures of me... These are of my hair and make the last days, and also some outfits.~ ^w^

Going from this... this

Today's wavy hair ;3

My outfit today~ Feel like wearing more skirts. ^^ 

Wiiii, showing off my boots.

Strike a pose~
Now I'm gonna go sleep because we have theater practice tomorrow. ^o^
Bye Bye~

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