Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Star Trek girl and the cockroach!

Hi sweethearts!

Today's been a quite regular day. At school I was trying my best to focus on math, and afterwards I went home, cooked myself noodles and walked the dog in a hurry before I went to theater practice.
It's been rather intense there, lately. Someone realized it's just a month until premiere, and as every single year, everything goes all-out crazy the last weeks.
Gulli and I are trying hard to get our characters right. Her main problem is to act in love, and mine is that I'm not craving enough attention. (I don't know if anyone has said that to me before o.o)

Our theater instructor, as you might picture him, is a very talented and eccentric man, and as we're getting closer to premiere his opinions really comes forth.

"Gulli! What are you? An actress in Star Trek? Cause' that's how you act! You teleport from one spot to another. When the maid says you'll come in from the front door, you can't come in from the side door! You've got brain cells, right? Use them!!"

"Silje, you need MORE ENERGY! You're opening the whole play. If you're gonna crawl in on the stage like a cockroach, the audience will find a trip to the grocery store to be more interesting! I don't care if you run and fall or rip your clothes, just get their attention! They don't want to look at a grey mouse, they want drama!" 

So, that's basically what's filling our days at the time. I'm wearing my costume half of the day, so I don't really bother so much about clothing now. That's why I've been often seen wearing a hoodie lately, and that doesn't happen too often.
I try a little though, and I've rediscovered the greatness of accessories! They're easy to put on and off when I have to change styling.
These are my favorite at the moment:

Found these super cute ear pieces at Glitter yesterday ^^

Hair bow from Tiara by Tracy Dizon. I noticed that I should have put it a little bit further down, but oh well.

Bow ring from Glitter

Me today ^.^
I'll try to keep you updated! :D

Sweet dreams <3


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