Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kick start spring :D

Good evening all sweet and tough ones out there! ^^

I know it's been a lack of blogging lately, sorry for that. We have both been quite busy as always, and I had to catch up on some schoolwork.
When I walked home from school today I realized how quickly time has passed. Suddenly it was birds and sprouts on the threes, even though it was cold and silent just two weeks ago. Spring may arrive late, but it arrives fast! I also realized that when April has passed we will be four months into this year. (Yeah yeah, I know that's pretty obvious.) Add another two months and half of 2013 will be gone! Doesn't it sound weird?
I mean, I'm still waiting for the year to get fully started!

Anyway, our theater practice starts 11 am tomorrow, and since I'm home alone I have to walk (around half an hour), make breakfast (around 45 mins; I need time to enjoy my tea), pack my stuff for the sleepover at Gulli's place tomorrow night (around half an hour, if I'm effective), and of course get ready and decide what outfit to wear in the unreliable spring weather (an hour ++).
Which all together means I have to get up too early. That's why I have to make a short and quick blog post!
(But as you may noticed I spent a lifetime writing WHY is had to be short, so my plan failed...)

I thought I'd share some of my music fav's with you. As nature is renewing itself, so is my iPod, and I've been trying out all types of music lately. (Which resulted in a broken headset, r.i.p)

2NE1 - I am The Best. Forever a classic. 

PSY - Gentleman. Just in case some of you actually haven't seen it yet.

G-Dragon - Michi Go. Just when I thought no music video could get more random than Crayon, he comes up with this...
WARNING: This video will make you go: WTF?? Guaranteed. 

Supercell - Feels so Good. I know it seems a bit sexual according to the title and illustration, but it's really just a cute, jazzy song about weekends. And it's in Japanese, for those who wondered. 

That's it for now! Come back later and see what happens when Gulli and I spend 24 hours together without a break... o.o

 Good night and sweet dreams ~

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