Monday, April 29, 2013

Living life in Oslo + Norwegian Champions in Gastronomy!~

I think I might have forgotten to tell you guys, but right now I'm in Oslo with my class. I did tell you that we won the Gastronomy price!! Think that, we won! Were Norwegian Champions! :D
Didn't have any time to blog when we were at the competition, and after that we went to Oslo to stay for a couple of days, and since we've mostly been walking around all day here I've been too tired to even open my computer... Tomorrow is our last day so I finally found some time to write.

Me and some of my friends brought our Russe clothes here and walked around in them. So many cute, small children came asking for cards and we're almost out of all the cards we brought here. It's awesome being Russ! We took the opportunity to snap some awesome pictures in our clothes, and I'll show them to you later. ^^

Now I gotta sleep because we're going up early tomorrow for more shopping.~
Good night~ ^^

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