Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunny days and spring on the way! ^.^

Good morning all you lovely people! <3

It's been a little while now, but this time it was not my fault since my friend ran away with my computers charger...-.- 
But I can see that Silje has kept the blog going, good job! \(^o^)/
A couple of days ago we went to Seahouse where we usually get together to drink coffee and chat up on things. And as we often do, we end up taking some pictures. ^^ For once we were able to take outfit photos too. So now you can enjoy watching us being totally models. We are also getting a little warmer weather here now! Finally, it has been sunny a few days and now it's raining, but I'm not complaining because the snow will finally disappear! ^w^

My super cute bun with a bow~ I've also started liking bows again ^^

Kawaii flower bow~

I LOVE my shoes! <3


Okay, it's time for "Silje doing stuff she can't do!" *Insert fancy show intro music* In this episode she tries to climb a rock.

Ok, this will be easy~
Trying really hard...

...Aaaaaalmost there

"This is impossible"

You win this time rock..-.-

After we almost totally crashed my memory card with hundreds of pictures..-.- we went to a concert where our friends played. It was a concert dedicated to different rock musicians like Sting and Phil Collins. And it was awesome! I love the song Sledgehammer after this concert.

Hope you enjoyed this post~ And if you have any ideas at all to things we could write about, please let me know! ^w^ 
Bye Bye~

Oh, and by the way; my friend Anja "borrowed" my computer to say hello to you guys. ^^ 

Hello! My name is Anja! I'm Gulli's coolest classmate, and I'm the most awesome person here! Follow me on Instagram, @lilleme! :D

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