Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Russ and Russefeiring~ What is it?

I LOVE my Rilakkuma plushie pencil case! <3
How has your day been? It's been sunny here again, and the sky was beautifully blue. My kind of weather^.^
Like I said earlier spring is coming, and I am super looking forward to putting on my spring clothes! Lately I've been watching my flower wedgies, just wishing for the weather to be right. Maybe I'll make a shoe post later? Would you like that?

Anyway, today I thought I'd tell you guys about something called the Russefeiring.

In our last year of high school we become something called Russ. It's a celebration of the happy fact that you have finished many years of school. It happens in the span of less than a month right before the exams. There are many traditions connected to the Russefeiring, involving clothes in different colors depending on your line of studying, cars, buses and vans that are decorated, drinking ALOT, party and do different tasks from funny to stupid. You also get an award for each task that you complete to put on the string of you russelue(hat). It starts at 1st of May and ends at the 17th, our national day.
I'm really looking forward to 1st of May! It's gonna be so much fun. My class is black Russ so I have a black overall I'll be wearing. I'll show you guys later. ^.^

Before May we have a week called Ståkuka (can be translated to 'noisy week') where we dress up as different stuff each day. We had 'old person' on Monday, 'change sex' today, 'spoiled child or emo' tomorrow, '80s day' on Thursday and 'dress up as something on you capital letter' on Friday. Now I need to look up some spoiled brat clothes for tomorrow, since we're gonna take school pictures I don't want to be all black around the eyes and stuff..

Here is how I looked today. wiii, I look like a french painter~ Mon amore <3
Talk to you guys later ^o^
Bye Bye~

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