Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring stress!

Hi everyone! :D

Now it's officially arrived. "What has arrived?" you ask. It's SPRING STRESS! (A term I came up with a minute ago.)
"What is spring stress? -_-" you ask.
It's something I experience every year when winter is coming to an end. You see, I prefer to live through winter like a bear: I eat a lot, get fat, sleep through the whole thing, and then I wake up to the first rays of sunlight with (suddenly) a million of things to take care of. I'm just as surprised every year, and my little brain just can't seem to cope with the sudden changes.
We've entered April and I finally realized:

My theater group is having premiere in just a month. (Where is my script? Where is it?!)
I soon have to sign up schools for this years Operation Dayswork. (It suddenly feels scary to call strangers)
We're going to that cosplay convention soon. (How do I get this stupid wig on??)
We're going to Tokyo soon. (Not that soon, but I'm pretty sure there was some papers to fill March?)
My exams are coming up. (I swear to you, if I get drawn up in math, I might have to kill someone.)
It will soon be time to dress more lightly. (Bikini figure? Who? ME? No.)

All these tasks and more hit me at the same time, and caused something I would call seasonal hangover. (Yep, another self-made term.)
What's a seasonal hangover, you say? It's when you've been really slacking off a whole season, and suddenly times are changing and you're struggling to adapt. This could also happen after the summer holiday.
You're standing there like: "What? Now? I have to do something? How? When? Why? Can I go to bed and pretend everything's normal when I wake up? Is it okay for me to lay down and cry?"

Even though you're confused, the society is quite merciless and force to you get going. But don't worry, it's completely okay to pretend it's a dream (until you wake up and realize it's not), and it's accepted to give up and cry as long as you get up again.
Pretty much like a roller coaster, right? Well, that's mostly what life is ^^

What I've been doing the whole winter. 

And you know what's funny? When I get stresses up, it's only mentally, and psychically I'm just as laid back as I've always been. So yeah, I do care, but I'm just really bad at showing it.

Am I the only one going through this?

Talk to you later ~


  1. That bear made mu day^^

  2. My*
    Btw good blog! Keep it up;)

    1. Thank you! :D Yeah, that bear really got me too ^^


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