Thursday, May 30, 2013

A mobile post written in half-sleep

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

I'm just making a short mobile post from bed to let you know that I'm still around ^^

Summer has finally arrived in our town! Today it was almost up to 30 degrees (c)! That's a lot for being so far north. We really reap the benefits of the Golf stream here. But that's just part of what makes Norway great, I guess ^.^

This afternoon some friends from class and I played sand volley ball. I don't usually do it, but I realized I should. This is one of the few ball games I actually have a chance of sucseeding in...
Tomorrow our class is going out to relax in the sun and swim (wash, I'm sorry, wash. After all, swimming is against school regulations). I'm looking forward to it! (Especially since the other half of the class are stuck inside with English exam. Who's laughing now?)
I'll try to get some pictures for tomorrow as well as some from today. I doubt they'll be pretty, but oh well.

Sorry for having nothing fancy in this post, but I'm dead tired and not a fan of blogging with my phone. Why can't you guys just follow us on Facebook instead, so I can prove my continued existence by posting an awkward picture or something. When it's a blog post I feel like it should have a higher standard, you know.
My feet hurt. And my eyes. I'll stop here.

Good night, sweeties! ^^

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