Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm back and (almost) finished with exams! :D

Hi sweeties!

Wow, one week since my last blog post... I'm really out of it. Sorry! But don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you! I've been making ideas for what to do for our half year-anniversary, and I've been busy with my math exam. I had it this Tuesday. I must admit I had this strong sensation of freedom when I walked out of the school door after five hours of non-stop math. I really surprised myself though.
I pushed myself to sit the whole time, and to do the all the tasks, even if I didn't understand them.
I feel like I did my very best, so if my grade doesn't improve... I think I might just lay down and cry.

As Gulli told you, it has finally become close-to summer up here in the cold north! Wiih ~
I'm really in summer mood now, and when I finished my exam it felt like my summer vacation just started. A bit sad to think about the fact that I have another exam coming up in June. Oral this time. If I get drawn in math this time too... Yeah, I think I might just lay down and cry.

I felt so sick and tired today that I stayed home from school. (They probably just messed around the whole day, anyway.) I try to make the best out of these re-charging days. I relaxed and tried to get rid of my headache. I had crazy PMS too, so it was probably the smartest to keep me away from people. After all, we don't want me to punch anyone ^^
While I was having so much time on my hands, I ended up re-discovering one of the bands I listened to before; Cross Gene. They've changed so much! For the better, luckily. I was also happy to see that they made their comeback in Japan, and they've started to make songs in Japanese. They have turned into a J-pop band, in fact! o.o
(Cross Gene is an Asian band with members both from South Korea, Japan and China. That's why they make their songs with many different languages. They speak good English too ^^)

Of course I'm a big K-pop fan too, but it can't compete with the thrilling feeling I get when I can actually understand some of the lyrics without any translation. It makes me relate to the music even more.
And also, let's face it: the K-pop industry have taken some wrong turns, and it bothers me to know that some of my fave bands might just be puppets for greedy label owners.

I got to sleep now, but of course I'll post a music video from the "new" Cross Gene before I leave:

Cross Gene - Shooting Star

Talk to you later! ~

BTW: Everybody please answer in our little question thingy up here, so that we know what to do for our half year anniversary! ^^ 

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