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5 tips for making the summer even better!

Good evening cuties!

Wow, it's so hot here now. In fact, Northern Norway just got a new record on amount of sunshine in May. And our town got a new heat record for May month! I can't believe it went so fast.
I mean, where did spring go? It feels like we jumped straight from winter to summer. I've barley had time to adapt to the changes. Summer is great though! I've been wearing some summer dresses lately, and it feels so light and feminine. (That is two words you really miss when you walk around dressed like an Eskimo in a blizzard.)
Every season has both good and bad sides, so in this post I'm going to write a little about how to best enjoy the summer!

  1. Stay safe and protected!
You thought I was going to write about molesters and rapists, didn't you? Nope. Your enemy is the sun! Of course, sunlight is good as well, but that's what makes it all so dangerous. The worst enemy you can have is an unstable one. The sun might hate you then love you then hate you again. Your job is to ensure that you can handle it. First of all, you must must must use sun lotion! It doesn't matter if you live far north, south, east or west, the sun rays are still harmful. And just because you don't get burnt, it doesn't mean that your skin doesn't get damaged. Did you know that getting tanned is a sign of damage? The skin is building up its protection after it's been hurt. The results of bad sun protection might not show up right away, but in the future. Too much sun lowers the quality of your skin, and gives you early wrinkles and uneven skin tone. You may also develop sun rash, even though it often appears a year after the damage's been made.
Just to clear up; I don't want you to avoid the sun either! Sun light gives you a lot of important D-vitamin, and it makes you happy. Just enjoy the sun, but protect yourself at the same time.
It's not that important to get a deep tan either, though many of you might think so. Learn to appreciate your own, nautral skin color, and you'll have a much better summer already. And it will save you from sun burn disasters.

My long time favorite sun lotion from Hawaiian Tropic. It gives good moisture and protection, and smells addictively  good. 

After sun is important too!
      2.  Feel confident in your own body!

Yeah, yeah, we've heard about it before. "Summer work out!" "How to get the bikini body!"
Of course working out and staying healthy is important, but when it comes down to it you can't completely transform your body figure. It's something we are born with. You can't starve away your hip bones, or stretch your legs longer. If you are healthy, it will shine through anyway. We have to understand that there is no such thing as ideal body, because everyone is born with an unique one!
Find the good points in your look, and highlight them. A tiny, almost non-existent swimsuit might be sexy, but self confidence is sexier! Don't be trapped in your own body just because someone else told you that you're not good enough. Wear whatever you want, your friends don't care. And if they actually do, you throw them in the trash can together with that crazy diet magazine article.
     3.  Live it!

There are two types of to-do lists; things that you have to do, and things that you want to do.
Summer is the perfect time to focus on the last one. Write a list of things you want to do, see and experience during two effective months, and make sure to get as much as possible done!
May it be BBQ-party, road trip, boat trip, summer boot camp, working as a street musician or whatever project you got hidden in your brain; sign up those involved and start planning!

Random picture of me taken in Thailand, because Thailand was amazing.
     4. Create your summer playlist

I always create a playlist on my iPod for each summer like "Summer 2012" and so on. The music varies for each year depending on what I'm doing, so every list has a different "theme". Music is a great way of remembering stuff, so you can always sit down later and dream yourself away to ice cream and blue water.

     5.  Meet the summer in style

Okay, so this might come natural for many of you, but refreshing your wardrobe and make-up palette really helps putting you in summer mood. I don't think you should spend a lot of money, or throw away all your old clothes, just refresh. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bold colors and accessories, especially if you're not used to it. We tend to get more daring and playful then usual, so use the opportunity!

 I hope all of you will have an amazing summer! Of course, it's hard to beat Gulli and I who's going to Tokyo, but...
Talk to you later! ~

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