Saturday, May 11, 2013

I am alive! o0


Yes, I am actually alive, or at least almost. I had a big cold attack as well as an asthma attack so I've been quite knocked out... The only thing I've been doing the past days are sleep, eat and drink LOADS of tea. Total focus on getting well enough for the premiere. And it went much better than I'd hoped for! I think I got out on the right moments and didn't mess that much up. ^^

Yesterday was our last performance and we did very well, only made some small mistakes that was not very noticeable. I have some photos from behind the scenes and I will share some of them with you all! It feels so good to be finished now, but also kinda sad. Like Silje I'm wondering what I'll spend my time doing now...
I guess I'll get more time to read up on my Japanese and prepare for our Japan trip.

Silje getting her hair done~ 

Mrs. Klinke

Mr. Klinke
Mr. Tidemeyer

Hair and makeup done!

Before fixing my hair

Tried to do a dolly makeup look~
 Tiny photo shoot ^^

Oh yeahm wearing my russebukse under the costume~

tiny shot of my costume with the jacket on

And here is me on the phone trying to get my camera back...-.-

As well as our last performance, yesterday was also Anja's 18th birthday! Spent the night celebrating this awesome girl and it was lots of fun. For the first time we went to a night club in the town, and they had really yummy cocktails.
Happy birthday sweetheart! <3
Hope you liked this
Bye Bye~

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