Saturday, May 4, 2013

Things I got in Oslo + Outfits~

Hi everyone! ^o^

How are you?
Guess what..? I've managed to catch a cold. So today I'll just sit home under my duvet and drink tea and eat soup. Just made me a ramyun noodle soup, and my nose has already cleared up quite good. It was super spicy. Hopefully I'll be better until I'm meeting my friends later. Our theater is hosting a Russian theater group who is in Norway now. Some of them are staying at Siljes house actually, and we're gonna meet up with everyone and eat pizza later today. They are really awesome, and I'm looking forward to get to know them better.

I thought I'd also show you guys a sneak peak into what I bought when we were in Oslo! This is the Asian/food I got. We went into some Asian food stores and found so much yummy stuff including Pocky, Funwariyaki (red bean cake/bun) and a Chinese steamed bun. I so want to eat that every day. Also got some Japanese stuff like a hiragana study book and some Rilakkuma stuff. Also got some clothes, but I don't have any photos of them right now..


At Starbucks with Anja <3

My super yummy White Caffe Mocha
Here are some outfits from Oslo:

Ready for dinner

Going out to eat burger~ 
Hope you found this entertsining ^^
Bye Bye~

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