Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lazy day in the sun~

Hello sweet sunshine!

The last days of the week has been a little cold and rainy, but today it turned around. All day I've been lazing around and even got some hours in the sun. I'm going to try and get, well maybe not a tan, but at least some glow to my skin this year. I'm never able to actually get much of a tan... But my friends on the other side gets it easily. Like every year I will try. On the bright side, my fair skin might be a good thing when I'm in Japan.^^

The sun can be very damaging if one is not careful, so to you all: Remember to use SPF! On this I'm very lucky since I have a friend who is fanatic about people wearing enough sun block and stuff.. Hopefully I won't be getting too burned this year. Also it's really important that one drinks loads of water when being exposed to the sun for a long time. Re-hydrating is important!

My friend this summer <3
I've only been using this lotion for a couple of days so I haven't seen much results yet, but I hope to. ^^
Now I'll talk to you guys more tomorrow because it's already kinda late and I need my beauty sleep...
Bye Bye~

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