Monday, December 31, 2012

Meditation: Why you should do it, and how to do it!

Hello everyone! ^.^

So I'm taking a break in my New Year's Eve preparations to write a new post to you. I've already found an outfit and got most things ready, and I promise there will be a "New Year celebration" post from us later!

Now, what I'm going to write about is something that's very important to me: meditation. I'm that type of person that usually take things on the go, and I tend to have very few worries(too few according to some of my friends). I keep peace of mind in my daily life, and try as much as I can to laugh away the problems. I also love to help friends with their troubles, and I don't mind having hour long conversations with someone to help them solve a problem.
But of course, we all have different sides of ourselves, and when my long, long patience turns into a supernova of disaster! Just lately I had a serious breakdown after a long time with stress and pressure. You see, feelings are a very important part of being a human, but we often ignore them. Ignoring what you really feel, and always hide it away, is not only exhausting but it can also be dangerous!

How do you cope with you feelings? It's absolutely okay to cry and scream out your frustration when you're alone; do it whenever you feel like it! But if it's more a "sneaky" feeling, that always go around in the back of your head and destroys you slowly from the inside like poison...well, then meditation is right for you.
In fact, meditation is right for everyone! Not only does it release you from your feelings, but you're more likely to see solutions too!
So dry your eyes and heal your soar throat: it's a much more pleasant method waiting for you.  

What is meditation?

Meditation is basically getting in touch with your inner self. When you meditate you let both your body and your mind relax. It's different from screaming and listening to aggressive music to strengthen yourself, as those actions usually creates even more feelings. Instead of creating new feelings to cope with the old ones, you let go off them, leaving space for more constructive thoughts. ^^
There are many ways to meditate, and you will have to try a few times to find out what works for you.
In the beginning it's best to try to think as little as possible, and focus on one simple thing, like how you breathe.
Sit comfortable, in a position where you have good balance. I recommend the iconic "legs crossed and your back straight with your hands resting on your knees or balanced in the air". (Like you would picture Buddha)
Do not make it complicated though, it's hard to think of nothing when your ankle hurts "soo much"!
Music is highly recommended for relaxation and keeping focus. It doesn't have to be music, many prefer simple sounds.
My element is water, and I always relax the most to the sound of running water or rain.
Maybe you prefer the sound of a sparking fire, or rain forest sounds? Gotta try it all!

Myths about meditation:

Will I get strange visions? 
Not unless you have much fantasy that leads your thoughts astray, but you should try to focus on something simple. Let new thoughts come in, but don't let them stay too long. Picture your thoughts as a gentle breeze that blows through your mind. Uhm, or something like that.

Is it possible that I might call on a spirit or hear voices?
The one you'll be talking to is yourself. Some people though, claim that they hear the voices of God, protective spirits, angles or their ancestors. This is about religion though, and what thoughts you invite in. I'll say to listen to whatever comes up, that helps you.

Do I need a fitting environment to meditate? 
Not really. Meditation is about taking a journey inside your mind, not to a zen Buddhist temple in Himalaya.
It should be quiet around you, though. And YouTube can help you with nature sounds. With that said, meditate in the real nature whenever you can! It feels amazing!

Some music and sounds to get you started!
Rain of Purification by Oliver Shanti

Simple sound of running water

Forest sounds

Simple birdsong

Relaxation track with Chinese bamboo flute

Tai Chi by Oliver Shanti

Hope this helps everyone with stress and too many thoughts! ^.^

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