Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Good day and a merry christmas to you all!

Today I woke up late and it felt really good. If there is one thing I love about holidays it is sleeping. You can relax all day and totally recharge yourself, and eat loads of good food. ^.^

So Silje just posted about Christmas and how she feels, so I thought I'd also post a little about it. Just like her, my parents are also divorced and I live with my mom. We have a very close relationship and can talk about almost anything. My relationship with my dad on the other had is a little different. We don't talk or see each other much, even though he lives quite close, but I am used to it this way so I don't think about it that much. I know he loves me, and he is nice to me and all. We are just not that close.

I have always celebrated Christmas alone with my mom and my grandma as long as she lived. Now it's just me and mom, and I sometimes get lonely when I think and hear about people celebrating with many family members. Wishing that I once can experience that. Last year we spent Christmas with some relatives and it was so much fun, and I loved the feeling of being many together. This year it was just me and mommy again, but it is the way it has always been. We have a just as good holiday as every other family. I think she feels kinda sorry for me that I don't get to celebrate with many relatives, but this is tradition for me, just the two of us.

Like Silje said, I told her that she could stay here if she wanted, and she stayed here from little Christmas eve (have no idea if that's what it's called..) to Christmas eve. We watched lots of Christmas programs and had fun. It was really cozy to have someone else here as well. She is my best friend and we have lots of fun together. I am so happy that we are friends and that we could spend some of Christmas eve together.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and remember that there is always someone who is willingly to listen to you. ^.^

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