Sunday, December 30, 2012

My day + 2013 New Years resolutions! ^.^

Hello cutie pies!

I have managed to catch a slight cold... Not funny because it's soon New Years eve and I don't want to be sick at the party, so I've spent most of today drinking cup after cup with tea. At the moment I'm sitting in bed with my blanket, a biiig cup of tea while listening to some music and watching some cartoon on the TV. So hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow! 

Apart from drinking tea I've been a quick trip to the town today delivering a late Christmas present and swapping a pajamas I got into a smaller size. Also managed to find a quite cute dress at sale in the same store. Lucky me! ^.^ Will most likely show it later.

2013 is approaching and I have started to work on my New Years resolutions. I have almost never managed to accomplish any of them... But I will try again this year!

2013 New Years resolutions!

1. Exercise and eat healthy!
I really wish to become more healthy and fit, but I always have a craving for sweets and unhealthy food... I am quite healthy compared to many, but I also have a weakness for unhealthy food... This unbalanced eating might not be too good for me. I love noodles and everything that is called pasta, but it is really not good for my skin or body, but that is gonna be one of my biggest problems... -__- oh noodle, why you so yummy..?

2. Drink loads of water everyday!
Water is really good for both skin and body, plus it makes you feel more full and less hungry all the time. Drinking water cleanses you from the inside and helps to hydrate you skin, so drinking loads of it is important. On this part I am actually quite good because I really like water, and can drink a lot as long as I have it close to me. This is where my laziness comes inn...

3. Be less lazy!
I am a very lazy person at times. Once I've sat down I usually like sitting there. The only thing I can say on this one is to get my ass up from here! So hopefully 2013 will be a more active year. :p

4. Be tidy!
My mum always questions if I'm really a girl or not because I am horrible at being neat. I keep my clothes and makeup neat, but my room, well that's a whole chapter for itself. I have quite a small room so it's not exactly easy to keep it tidy all the time, but I will try!

5. Go to bed early!
I am in need of more sleep. Because I take the buss to school I need to wake up early to be able to make everything before the buss leaves. Am also in need of my beauty sleep, but luckily I don't get grumpy or such in the mornings. I'm just really sleepy and almost in a trance until I properly wake up.

6. Travel!
I really love to travel and experience different countries and cultures. Me and Silje are going to Japan this summer and I am SUPER excited about it! Going to Tokyo is one of my big dreams and this is not gonna be the last time there I'm sure. I am very interested in language and I wish to study it once. This resolution is going to be accomplished.

So hope I will be able to do these ^.^ Do you have any reaolutions you want to share with us? Let me know so we can try hard together to reach our goals for 2013!
There might be more later, but these are the ones I can come up with now. Now I'm off to bed
Good Night! ^w^

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