Saturday, December 29, 2012

Make 2013 your year!

Hey sweeties! 

First of all, I have to say thank you to everyone who's been reading this blog so far! We started just recently, but we've had a lot of views and and I have a good feeling about this! ^.^

2013 is coming closer and closer, and I have big expectations for next year. I'm continuing to work on this blog with Gulli, and hopefully it will turn into something big! Also, we are going to Tokyo for three weeks next summer!! How awesome is that? I'm screaming inside myself every time I think of it. We'll be going to a  language school and live with a Japanese family, so our language skills will definitively improve. And of course, we'll try to blog a lot while we're there, and give you a sneak peek on Tokyo in our free time!

Other things I need to do next year.. um, yeah, improve my grades. They're not that bad really, but I got an 3 (D) in math :( Math is really dragging my average score down. My teacher keeps telling me that math isn't dangerous and it won't hurt me, but I'm still convinced those pluses an minuses and digits are attempting to kill me slowly. My personality really doesn't match! In math there's always a correct answer, and I can't change it to my liking. I tried to invent a new way of solving math puzzles during a test that wasn't going too well which I called "Silje's alternative solution". I also added a drawing of a cute animal.
My teacher wrote "Well, at least you tried... [3]." Meeh :(

And what about you? What are you going to do next year? During 2012 I learned that a lot can change in one year. After all, nothing is more powerful than time. And in most cases, especially when you're young, things change for the better ^^
I really hope everyone dare to be themselves next year, instead of an illusion. Remember, satisfying others isn't necessarily going to satisfy yourself. I don't want you to walk around and be a meanie, of course, but let's just say...bitches are bitches, and superheros are superheros.
Another thing, don't be afraid to chase your dreams! I've already tried, and really, the worst that can happen is that nothing happens. Maybe you can't reach the main goal yet, but every big dream should be divided into many smaller goals. ^^ If chasing your dream means do something crazy, then go ahead! It's your life, and no       one can live it but you! If anyone is trying to bring you down, just use them as stepping stones to climb closer to your goal. ;)

I know that 2013 is going to be full of surprises and ups and downs, but we'll live through it just like a roller coaster ride. Oh, and don't forget us on your way to glory, we'll be cheering in the background! ^.^

Stuff I did this year, which I may (or may not) repeat:

 I got confirmed. (?) No idea what that is in English. Kind of a growing up ceremony thing. Wearing the northern Norway national costume ^^

 I went to Thailand. Picture taken on some island near Krabi.

 I dressed up in the Thai national costume in an amusement park. NO idea why...

I dressed up as a Mexican on the Norwegian national day (how ironic). Then I suddenly bumped into a REAL Mexican from a circus! And he had a donkey! And I got to ride it! While he was having a conversation with me that I didn't understand at all. All I said was "Si, si, grazie, grazie, amigo!" Ah, well. ^^

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