Sunday, July 21, 2013

One week in Tokyo~

Konbanwa! (Good evening!)

Oh my god!! It's already been a week since we landed here ib Tokyo! The time has just flewn away with the wind, and I feel like we don't have much time left. Since we have school everyday, activities in the afternoon, and then dinner at 7-8 i feel like I really don't have enough time to get everything i want/need... 

The first food I ate in Japan! Ramen<3

I'm so sorry we have not been able to keep our promise about more updates, but my stupid adapter and cord won't cooperate! >< I have been to yamada, one of the biggest electronic shops, but they didn't have my kinda adapter.. :(
So I'm still out of power, and I won't be able to get my pictures from the camera. So until I get this fixed (if it gets fixed) you'll have to survive with phone pictures. Gomenasai!

We had flower arrangement the other day. 

So on saturday we went to an omatsuri! (Festival) We wore our yukatas, and walked around looking and trying festival food. Was lots of yummy food. We also go to try the classic anime/manga thing with the rice paper scoop that you use to catch fish. I got 5, but my friend Ida got around 12. o0
It was actually really fun. 
We also went to the shrine and got some charms and future telling note ( I can't remember the name). We did lots of stuff, and I'll write more about this when I get my computer. 

We went to kareoke! ^.^

Most of my photos are in the camera.. 

Today we we went go.... Pokemon center!!  :D 

That was a dangerous shop! OMG, we went crazy! Some bought for like 40 000 yen! That was really amazing! Even though 40 000 yen is not thaat much in NOK, it's still a lot of stuff. But it was so cool to watch what they had got. I was so jealus of some of the stuff, but I got myself a Eevee, in natural size I think. It's so cute!! <3 I love it! I'm so bringing it on the plane as a pillow. 

Now I think I'll head to bed, since we have schooø tomorrow..-.- 
Oyasumi! (Good night) ^.^

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