Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just one week until departure! \^.^/

Hello everyoone! Remember me?

Today it's just one week until Gulli and I take off to Tokyo! I'm soo excited! The whole trip has always been something "far into the future", so I got a little shock when I realized we're not talking about months or weeks anymore, but days... Now I have to think about packing, learning the rest of the Hiragana (Japanese signs), and go through my checklists. Do I have enough copies of my passport? How much clothes should I bring? (Considering the fact that I will be shopping a lot.) Come to think of it, what is the weight limit on luggage again...? Do I need to bring this much shampoo?
It's so typical of me. I always slack off and take things lightly until the last minute. No wonder I'm always late. Even though I'm talking about it now, I probably won't start packing until the night before...

A-N-Y-W-A-Y!  Our schedule for the trip is super full with super fun stuff!
I'm really hoping we can manage to make a dairy out of it. It would be more realistic to call it a "every third day-dairy" or something though, as I'm guessing we'll be pretty dead tired.
If we see the opportunity we could maybe make a vlog too, with Gulli's cute little camera that was sent in that crazy huge monsterpackage you saw in the last post.
Some of you have may seen our introduction video? It was pretty amateur-ish, but at least we learned some valuable lessons about video blogging. Such as:

  1. Don't make a video if there's a party downstairs. 
  2. Steer clear of noisy roads and camping cars.
  3. If two people have to stand under an umbrella, use a big one.
  4. If you don't have a big umbrella, at least stand still so that you don't hit the other person.
  5. Avoid camera men that laugh at everything you say. 
  6. Don't use almost full memory cards. 
  7. If you're going to speak English, learn the difference between "dairy" and "diary". (Big fail from my side.)
  8. Once you're at it, learn the difference between "trip" and "tour" as well. 
Well guys, I hope you'll stick with us through the learning process, so that we can make better stuff in the future!

I know this is super delayed, but I have some pictures from the 17th of May (Norway's national day), to those of you who wonder how a Northern Norwegian national costume looks like ^^
I guess it's okay to upload some patriotic photos before I leave, so I won't get all blinded by Japan's glory. Or something like that.

Talk to you later ~

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