Monday, July 15, 2013

We have arrived! :D

Hello everyone! 

We have arrived safely in Tokyo, and are now staying with our host family. The weather here is intense hot, hot and more hot, but it's survivable so far. The flight here was looong, and we both had a bit of a cold... But mine is gone now. 

Actually today it was the coldest day so far, with 26 degrees and rain. The rain was warm, but it was so uncomfortable to walk around in stores when we were wet, plus sitting on the train for 2 hours is not to recomend when you have been attacked by rain.. 
But anyway the trip has been aweaome so far! 
After 2 days here I have already figured out the train system, and can get pretty much anywhere now. We have gone to Shinjuku station, which is the worlds largest and bussiest station, just so you know, and it is quite easy to find your way home as long as you know the stations names. So I am quite proud!

Today we had our first language class, and I've ended up in the second lowest class, basicly because I don't know any hiragaba, or katakana and deffinetly not any kanji... But I'm fine in the class I am. ^^
Silje ended up in the class over me, because she knows more signs than I do. Her class is kinda difficult, but I'm sure she'll be fine! So now I must work hard, so she doesn't get too far ahead of me. 

After classes we went to..... SHIBUYA!! 
That was so awesome!! Actually we split up because some of the students wanted to go to Meiji shrine, and the rest of us wanted to go to Shibuya so we got to choose. ^^ Silje and a friend of us went to Meiji shrine, while me and some friends went to the most awesome place to shop; Shibuya. 
I loved it there. Have aleady bought a dress, 2 tops, a kawaii yukata, and other stuff. I am soooo going back! Many times! ^.^ since we only got to cover about 3 of the 8 floors.. 

After Shinuya, we went for a little trip to Akihabara. At that point it was raining heavily, but we did go to a gaming arcade. Sadly I didn't win anything.. But it was still fun.^.^

This is one of the few pictures I have on my phone. Most of them are in my camera..

We stayed there until like between 6:30 and 7:00, so I got home about an hour or something ago. It would have gone fatser, but I was showing the Italian students their way home. I had to take a local train instead of the express I usualy take, but it was fine. I made it home, and I got to visit all the 25 different stations on the local line again. I also have to switch to another line, and then take the monorail the rest of the way. At the end I only had like a few minutes of walking. 

Later, when I get an adapter that will accept my computers cord, I'll be able to give you more pictures.~ So until then I'll have to use my phone..-.- gomenasai. 

Now I need to get some sleep because tomorrow we're going to the Tokyo sky tree. ^^ 
Bye bye~ 

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  1. I want photos!!! :D

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