Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our first day in Tokyo~ ^3^


We are back in Norway again!
It's really bitter sweet being home again, because Tokyo had become a second home for me. I felt like I belonged there. The only reason I wanted to go home was to meet my family and friends again, and because the money would eventually dry up if I stayed there any longer...

I know many of you really want to see the pictures from the trip, and I'm working on getting all my photos from the memory cards and into my computer. Also thought that I'll split up the picture posts into days/places to make it easier to follow. ^^
So today is gonna be from our first days there.

First I'll start from the day we landed at Narita airport. We were hit by a huge wall of heat, and I so regretted not bringing some shorts or any light clothes in my hand luggage. Believe me, wearing a black, long tights, a grey top and a military green jacket was not my smartest choice..

Tokyo next~

This!! <3 soo good
I don't know what it's called... It's some sort of soda with a super yummy ice cream/sorbet on the top.

These are the pictures we took from the bus that drove us to the school. It was a around 2 hours long bus ride, but we stopped to eat lunch. After coming to school we were shoved around a little and then taken to meet our host families. It was a little scary at first because we didn't know what our host family would be like, but luckily they were really nice and welcoming. We felt like part of the family really fast. The last two pictures are from Tama Center, which is around where our train station was, and you know what..? It was Hello Kitty town! We lived 10 minutes with the monorail from Hello Kitty land!! ^^
I really like it there. Then after shoving us around their town, we went to their house and got dinner. Our host mother makes really good food. OMG! I was always looking forward to dinner or breakfast. I really miss the food.

Until next time~ <3

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