Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I got my camera!! :D

Hello sweethearts~

A couple of days ago I got a package in the mail, and inside it was my new camera! 

It's a Nikon 1 J2, and guess what? It's in... PINK! :D 
The camera is so cute and small.

Ever since I got it I've been bringing it with me in case I find some motives. This is what I came home with: 

Also had to take some of me when I wore my Stitch kigurumi the other day. Really comfy to wear when you're just staying in the house doing nothing. 

Been kinda low on the make-up/outfit photos since it's mostly just light makeup and shorts I'm wearing, but here are two makeup shots from the week so far. ^^

Bye Bye~

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