Sunday, July 7, 2013

Look of the day; Flowers^.^

Hello cutie pies!

Today I'll show you my look from a couple of days back. It was warm weather, and we were going to a
surprise visit at a friends place who is back home. I went for a flowery dress with flower shoes and socks. Was a all over flower girl that day.~

My makeup:

You wanna fight? x3

And my outfit; 
I love my American flag jacket! <3 

I wound up changing my shoes to something more casual, more specifically my flower wedgies. ^.^ Since they are a little more comfortable wearing a whole day.

A picture from our stairs that is full of flowers now~

It was really hot that day ~ 

So if you've survived all the pictures of me.. I will now tell you how exited I am! It's 6 days until we're leaving for Tokyo!! ^o^ And I'm super stressed because I don't know what to bring...! or how much? And Silje has already listed a lot of stuff in the past post for me to worry about so I'm not gonna repeat it...

Tomorrow we're meeting to make a small plan on what we want to do and what to see while we're there. I don't think we have enough time for everything we wanna do, but I can always hope. ^^
And as she said I will be bringing my camera, so we can try to make our diary, or least be able to take loooads of pictures for you guys.~

If any of you lovely readers have been or live in Tokyo and have some awesome stuff you think we should visit or do, please let us know! :D

Hope you enjoyed this post^^
Bye Bye~

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