Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy 6 months anniversary! ^o^


I'm so so so sorry I haven't blogged in ages! The past week I've been either busy or totally out of energy. School just finished and the long awaited summer vacation is finally here!

On the 23rd was our half year anniversary! Amazing to think that we have been writing here for 6 months. We couldn't have done it without you guys that have been following us so far. Thank you for visiting the blog and giving us the spirit to keep on writing. I know we have our moments when we are totally out of inspiration and have absolutely nothing to write about, but hopefully we'll be able to get our self together now that we have made our first video. Yes you read right. We have recorded a video for you guys since it was our anniversary. It's kind of like an introduction video of our self and the blog.

Since this is our first video it's not very professional, but hopefully they'll be better in the future.
I hope this makes up for our lack of updates lately, at least from me... Silje has been better than me the past days. ^^

Will talk to you guys soon.^^
Bye Bye~

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