Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer vacation soon! ~

Hi sweeties! Long time no see!

I really wonder where all my energy went. It's the final days of school over here now, next Thursday I'll be graduating... So I'm really using my last energy reserves before summer vacation to get over and done with it. Today we got to know our subject and theme for the final oral exams that will be held on Tuesday.
I got English! My theme is "Being young on the edge", so I choose to focus on youth rebellion. Finally a task where I can express some of my own opinions, not just the endless mathematics!

Yesterday we had a day off, so I got time to catch up on non-school stuff. There are so many things going on now, you have no idea! I'm really tired, and I can't wait for the vacation. My grades are finally where I want them to be now, so I can relax with good conscience ^^
As you may know I'm self-studying Japanese now, and that won't take a break just because it's vacation. The blog won't take a break either, of course! I hope I'll have more time to write here once school is finished. Also, a few days ago I got chosen as the new leader in our theater for next season! I'm really looking forward to begin with a new play! Luckily I got a co-leader, so I won't take on too much responsibility.
Since I had some time on my hands yesterday, I took on a long neglected task: bathing my dog Tinto.
Tinto has A LOT of fur, and he really dislikes water. Sounds like fun, right?

"I thought... I thought you loved me :("

"Do you see how much pain I'm going through because of you? :(("

"Please stop... I promise I'll be good for the rest of my life!"

"Wiiih, finished! ~"

And here's a practicing sheet from my Hiragana studying. It's starting to look okay, right? :D
Now I just have Katakana and Kanji left... 

I can't believe I'm graduating next week. I haven't had the time to think about it, so I realized just now. I'm really excited to see what lays ahead of me now that I'm finished with this period of my life. 
I'm sure you all are feeling excited for the summer as well! Remember, no matter how hard things may seem in the present, there are always good things waiting for you in the future! 

Stay well, everyone! Until next time ~

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