Friday, June 7, 2013

Future blog plans! ^^

Hello lovelies! ~

Sorry for my lack of blogging lately... Guess who was lucky enough to get drawn in math for tryout oral exams too? Oh yeah. The math is seriously following me. I'll probably get drawn in math for the real oral exam at Friday as well ._.
In other words, I've been stuck inside preparing my tasks until yesterday, and today, of course, my class had to take a long bus ride in order to visit a quarry (?). It's quite common for businesses and other workplaces here to invite school classes. They want to convince us that a bright future awaits us right here in our local community, and that it's not necessary for us to move anywhere else. Nowadays most young people on the Norwegian countryside move to the cities to work and live, and it has turned into a problem in many areas.
Oh well, I think they should have credit for trying. Even though I think every person should get an opportunity to decide for themselves what they want to do with their lives, before anyone else tells them what's smart or not.

Anyway, Gulli and I have decided that we'll make an introduction video of ourselves and the blog for our half year-anniversary! It will (hopefully) be up on the date itself, which is 23rd of June ^^
I'm a bit nervous for showing all of you our crazy personalities, bad sense of humor, and weird accents... But it's about time to show ourselves! Heh...

Since there's no doubt you guys have a lot of interest in fashion, I'm thinking about making more fashion posts soon. It takes a bit more work than ordinary posts, but I think it's fun and I learn a lot by researching different sub-trends. I hope you will enjoy them as well! ^.^

Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my Friday night, talk to you later! ~

PS. To all of our readers in center Europe that's been affected by the flood: I hope all of you are doing all right, and that things soon will return to normal!  

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