Tuesday, June 4, 2013



Right now I'm sitting at school preparing for our exam. I have my exam on Thursday, and today we have to finish writing our recipes and stuff. Almost finished, but I'm taking a break to talk to you guys. ^.^ 

Well, since I'm in school now I can't take many outfit posts and such, so I thought I'd do something that fits right now. A food post~
Basically I'm gonna make you hungry. 

You might notice that I really like bacon by the end of this post, and it will give you a tiiiny look at what we make at school sometimes. 

Chicken and bacon pasta salad. ^3^

Vanilla ice cream with berys and melon balls.

Bacon <3 <3 


Cake made at school. ;3

Ichigo<3 (strawberry) 

What awaited me when I got home after 17th of May. ^3^

Bacon whirred marshmallow~ 

This is almost what I'm gonna be making for my exam if I get fish.
You hungry now? >.>
Well I hope you like this anyway. Until next time
Bye Bye~

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