Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas vacation!

Ho-ho-ho, happy December guys!

Yesterday was the first day of my christmas vacation, and I can't express how good it is to get away from all the school stress. Instead I get a total different stress, the getting ready for christmas eve stress. I don't like christmas stress, but it is unavoidable, sadly, so I might just as well make the best out of it. For the past two days of my christmas vacation I have removed a drawer, moved my wall oven to make space for my christmas tree, cleaned and emptied lots of boxes containing all sort of stuff, made a temporary make-up table for myself, mopped the floor, viper dust and finally got my christmas tree up and decorated with lights. A little description of my day.

I have done more stuff too, but I can't ramble on about all the boring stuff I've done, now can I? No, I don't think so. Tomorrow I'll try to take picture of how my room looks when it's decorated for christmas, so I hope you'll enjoy that. Was also thinking of posting some christmas fashion/outfit ideas, so I'll see what I can do about that. ^^

To not make this post too boring, I'll put in some pictures from my last weeks:

It's so freaking cold here some days, so layering is important if you wanna survive. 

The happy moment when we had some snow to enjoy, now it's looking like an American christmas outside. 

Enjoying the snow outside~

Keeping up with my tradition on making a gingerbread house. 

My little treat after the last school day of this year. 

Todays yummy cappuccino~ 
I'll try and write more tomorrow.
Bye Bye^^

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