Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to normal.. +pictures

Hello sweethearts!

Once again I have to start the post with an apology..-.-"
Both me and Silje are totally zombies at the moment, because of the new school year and our longing to go back to Tokyo. We really miss it, and it still feels kinda weird being home again. The climate here is so much colder, so the beautiful clothes I bought isn't working with the weather here, also the "norms" for how to dress is totally different. But I'm sure we'll find a way to cope with this, we just need some time. As for school, I will have to work twice as hard this year, since I am taking kind of supplementary year to get enough study points to get into universities. I don't know what it's called in English, sorry...  So everything is much more complicated and difficult compared to last year.

A couple of weeks ago, me and some friends were playing around with my camera and discovered the fun in giving people gray hair in pictures. I promised my friends I would upload some of the photos, so here you go!

 Now you can pic and choose profile picture my friend~

Once again I am very sorry for our inactivity! We will try our best ^^
Now I must get ready for a new week tomorrow..
Bye Bye~

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