Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas! ^^

Merry Christmas guys!

Today is Christmas Eve here, and we just finished unwrapping christmas presents. I have been looking forward to opening these for quite a while now, and the suspension has been killing me.
Silje was sleeping over last night so we could watch the morning christmas shows together, it's kinda become a tradition to us.

Rigt now I'm sitting in my room watching Avatar actually, it's one of the maaaany movies they air during christmas. So I'll be sitting here the rest of the night.

I will try and put together some christmas fashion for you guys, so hopefully there will be a little more interesting post coming later. For now you'll have to deal with some of my photos from today. ^^

Traditonal christmas porridge <3 I didn't get the almond, so I didn't get no marzipan pig...
Well I'll get on with my movie now
Bye Bye^^

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