Thursday, October 3, 2013

Changing my diet!

Hey everyone!

It might not come as a big shock, but I'm lying sick in bed. I've had some serious asthma and breathing problems, but luckily it's starting to clear up. Because of this I have missed some days of school, so I need to get better quickly. I will try to manage my condition through my diet, and that's why I was told to try eating low carb, and avoid sugar, pork meat, flour, wheat, rice, pasta, the whole deal... I'm kinda struggling with the thought of not being able to eat bacon or noodles anymore, but if it means that I can get rid of my problems it's worth a shot!

I think I'll be writing more about that, and share with you all if I fin some good recipies and stuff.~

Tomorrow me and Silje are going to Oslo to attend Desucon; cosplay and Japan. We'll get to meet some of the awesome people we went to Japan together with! We miss them so much, so it's gonna be great to meet up again.=^.^=
I'll write more later.
bye bye ~

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