Sunday, October 13, 2013

Desucon; Japan & Cosplay! ^^

Hey everyone!

We're still working on blogging regularly, but there really is very little inspiration right now. Since it's really gloomy and rainy here, but I'm gonna stop being so negative now! Fall can result in quite some cute, layered outfits. I've also got myself a macbook air! Been saving for quite a time, and finally I can have a small, easy to cary around computer. Hope and believe I1ll be able to blog more now.

Lately I can't get the idea about getting side swept bangs again out of my head. I really like the look, but can't completely decide if I should or not. Have asked around, and some people say that I fit this hair, while others think that it could look cute.

From desucon; Japan and Cosplay last weekend!
Last weekend we went to Oslo to meet up with some of the people we went to Japan with, and we attended Desucon; Japan and Cosplay con. It was so much fun to meet them again, and I miss them. We are like really awesome family!

This is the outfit I wore that day. The dress is from Body Line in Harajuku. They have so much awesome clothes. <3
A super awesome cosplayed! She is Norway's best! Sorry for horrible quality!! >.<"

The judges in the cosplay competition. Once again poor quality pictures...-.-"
Hope this showed that we are still alive!
Bye Bye! ^.^

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